Bridge in the Skulsk commune

Bridge in the Skulsk commune




Skulsk commune

Scope of work?

Reconstruction of the bridge
Bridge in the Skulsk commune on the Warta-Gopło canal is a strategic building connecting the villages of Przewóz and Mielnica Duża, two poviats and two voivodships. Thanks to the special strengthening made of carbon fiber, the use of diaphragm walls and the strengthening of the system, the bridge has a load capacity of 42 t. The investment was financed from the poviat budget and EU subsidy.

Reconstruction of the superstructure and supports:

  • installation of filters and drains
  • modular expansion joints
  • waterproofing
  • asphalt replacement
  • resin pavement surfaces
  • execution and assembly of balustrades
  • strengthening the system with reinforced concrete composite slab
  • execution of transition plates
  • structural reinforcement with composite tapes
  • assembly of prefabricated polymer concrete cornices
  • execution of retaining walls in the diaphragm wall technology

Concrete revitalization:

  • abrasive blasting
  • strength (glue) injection of scratches and cracks
  • anchoring reinforcement from ribbed bars
  • execution of a layer of sprayed concrete
  • anticorrosion

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